The Anti-Firm

Smart branding and marketing strategies for the modern day law firm.

Move faster than the speed of law.

The legal industry is stuck in the stone age…meanwhile, the rest of the world isn’t.  Lawyers don’t have to be Luddites!  Let us help you bring your branding and digital marketing strategies into the 21st century.

The Perfect Team

Our founders are lawyers who started their careers in digital marketing and business.  With JDs and real world experience, we have a unique perspective on the marketing challenges facing law firms.

More Value, Less Money

Sick of being solicited by lawyer lead generation companies who charge an arm and a leg but don’t provide any measurable results?  That’s not us!  We pride ourselves on providing smart, cost-effective services that provide real value for our customers — value that can be quantified in dollars and cents.

How Can We Help?

Shoot us a message to let us know how The Anti-Firm can help take your firm's brand and marketing to the next level.